Africa and Europe

The shop is run by Mariama Touray, Gambian, and Håkan Lennerstad, Swedish.
We both live in Karlskrona, Sweden and in Wullinkama, Gambia. 

The web shop African Colors is presently run by the company Lennerstad Idé. 

Lennerstad Idé has organization number 520403-5173 and address Ronnebygatan 47,  37133 Karlskrona,  Sweden.


Presently one tailor is doing our clothes, with his work place in our house in Gambia. He belongs to the tribe Fulani, as Mariama and her family. Daily meals included. The textiles are selected on the markets In Banjul and in Serrekunda, both in Gambia. They are carefully selected, to fit a European market. We hope. :-) 
The clothes are transported to Karlskrona in Sweden, and from there shipped to costumers.

Textile quality

The textiles are 100% cotton. They are so called wax prints, most are produced in Ghana. This technique has origins in an Indonesian batique tradition. 

African art

Gambian textile markets has an extremely large selection of textiles. We think the markets displays a treasure of African textile art. 
This art occurs in Europe almost only in clothes of African design. But for most Europeans, European designs are more familiar and natural to wear.

So our idea is: African textiles, European styles! We're a new player in the European markets for clothes!
In its textile designs, Africa has developed something unique and artistic. We are happy if we can make African textile art more visible and available in Europe.

African business

There are several benefits for Africa in this:

1. African tailors find job (so far one only), and textiles are sold for African sellers.

2. African textile art, which is unique and something to be proud of, becomes more visible in Europe. Read more.

3. African production for the European market, which we do, can encourage a pattern for long term African economic development. 

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