African-European cooperations

Africa and Europe have distinctly different cultures, in food, music, habits, clothing... We have also obviously a very troubled colonial history back of us. 

But the differences are creating new contacts and travel streams and centers of attraction. Many Europeans go on vacation to Gambia and feel fine there. And go again. Many Gambians are interested in and positive to Europe. Cultural differences can cause difficulties, but also create freedoms. 

For example, the dance culture in Gambia is more present and more allowing than in Europe. Some Europeans bring unforgettable dance experiences when they go back from Gambia. In African Colors we are obviously blessed by the African textile art, rather different from what you find in Europe.

Different cultures focus different aspects of human life. Because of that, each culture that is not familiar have something unknown to offer any curious traveler. 

There is more than African textile art that has a potential for African-European cooperations. 

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