African Business Opportunity

In Africa, wages are low, in Europe, prices are high. This is of course a fundamental opportunity for African companies: to produce in Africa and sell in Europe. It is particularly valid for products that are particularly African, provided the European market is large enough for that product. 

Production in one continent and selling in another is typically compromise in content. We can call it cross-over. For example, one can’t expect a Chinese restaurant In Europe to be as a Chinese restaurant in China. One can rather expect to be served Chinese food that Europeans like. Certain dishes, and also the spices more or less adapted to European costumers. The raw materials can also have different flavours and qualities.

Our products are obviously cross-over: African textiles but European designs! And we pick African textiles that may attract European costumers. We are proud if we can make African colors and patterns more well known in Europe. Because we love these color combinations and patterns! Proud products of Africans.

This business opportunity becomes more and more useful for African countries as governments establish the rule of law, democracy, and safe and stable routines for businesses. Furthermore, the customs to the EU area is actually 0% from African countries which have joined the REX system: Registered Exporter system for exports to the EU. Not all countries have yet joined. We think it is an important task for African governments to do so, in helping the business opportunities of the country. 

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