African Art

We are proud to present genuine african art, in the form of the textiles our clothes are made of! 

This textile history starts with a couple of people from the Netherlands, who were stunned by the Indonesian batique technique of coloring textiles - a strong tradition there. In the 1850-ies Jean Prévinaire, one of the dutch businessmen, completed a machine to produce wax prints based on the batik technique. But it was in Africa the wax prints designs really caught on!

Since the 1880-ies, central and west Africa has been the main markets for wax prints. African coloring, patterns, tastes and traditions are guiding the textile designers. In every african village you can see women dressed in colorful textiles. This is african pride!
The colors and patterns of the textiles are so deep in the culture they are referred to as a kind of language without words. 

Meantime, in Europe the black, grey, white and blue shades are very dominant in everyday clothing. Just like with music and food, there are large potentials for discovery, in both directions.

The main production today is done in Africa, a lot in Ghana. Some main producers are ABC Wax, Akosombo Textiles, Ghana Textiles Printing, Woodin and Uniwax. Several of these companies are members of the Vlisco Group. The Vlisco group dates back to another dutch businessman in the 1850-ies, whose name was Fentener van Vlissingen.

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