Blouses, skirts and dresses for ladies

African textiles: colors and patterns!

African textiles have often stronger colors and more remarkable patterns than European textiles. Some of them
are like a dream for the eye... Most of us who have travelled to Africa and visited the textile markets can't forget this!

African Colors produce clothes in carefully selected African textiles, but in designs that every woman is familiar and comfortable with.
In European styles. This is actually unique for Afrian Colors.

Clothes mean something for confidence, mood and focus

Research shows that the clothes you wear can make you more confident. More self assured. More focused. More honest.
And several other things! This is described here. Choose carefully according to your inner voice.
Every time you choose something unusual, for you, you will discover something new about yourself. :-)

African colors, culture and nature

So here you find European clothes in patterns and colors you don't find anywhere else. If you like Africa: the beaches,
the sun, the warmth, the culture, the friendliness, the animal life, the football players, or something else, it's also an extra feeling
to wear them!

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