Wedding parties in the Gambia...

Wedding parties in Gambia and Sweden can be really nice, of course. :-) But so different!!!!! Gambians start with dance. Swedes end with it. That's the three line version.

It is Sweden, summer time. Most weddings take place in the summer. 
At the lawn the ceremony is held, the bride and groom dressed in white and green.
Nice dinner inside or out on the lawn if you want. People wear favourite outfits, you meet people you haven't met before. 
There's a lot to say! People are open, some nice conversations if you happen to be not so occupied by matters of your own life.
Perhaps dance afterwards. Nice dance! Perhaps. 

It is Gambia, always summer. 40 chairs are put in a square in the middle of a local road, so traffic must go around the block. 
All chairs occupied. A live djembe (drum) band plays very strong rhythms. Affecting everybody, hard to not move your body.
And there's dance in a couple of hours! Most of the time only one person dance. One! Requires some guts. 
There are also sessions for many, anyone who wishes to join. For example you can run in to dance the Doudoumba for a dancer
whose dance you really liked!
You watch dance and talk. Or perhaps dance, of course!
When all is over you get a box of fried chicken and rice. That's it! The dance rhythms do not leave your head easily... :-))