Going crazy in Serrekunda

25 drum and dance travellers from Sweden to Gambia, West Africa, taking a tour to the Serrekunda market. And there, by the visual impact, going bananas! A bit unexpectedly. To say the least.

(by Håkan) A group of 25 persons from Sweden went away 3 January 2019 to Gambia, most of us did not know each other. We stayed until 18 January. The idea was to get some summer beach and sun in the middle of the dark and cold nordic winter. And at the same time learn the basics of djembe (drum) playing and West African dance. :-)
 January is nice in Gambia, while the Gambian summer is too much for most northern Europeans. Dabo House arranged this (dabomusic.se)! :-) :-) Thanks Ulrika and Younoussa! 


One day we took a bus to the market In Serrekunda. Here everything is sold: pots, pans, bracelets, tops, trousers, phones, earrings, shoes, nails, human hair.... Most shops are a few square meters, people everywhere and on the road cars, mopeds, donkeys, sometimes chickens and cows. Also some tobaks, meaning white people. Us! 

The textile shops are a few more square meters, with textiles from floor to ceiling. So much! And colors we haven't seen before! And very nice prices, too! Just difficult to choose! 

The following days one after another appeared with a new dress, or something else. Sewn by a local tailor, with textile chosen in Serrekunda, in delightful African style!

 The stay changed. No longer a beach-drum-dance thing. Now a beach-drum-dance-textile thing!

Not only that. We formed a choir also, singing really funny things some nights. Some leaders in the group had this on their fingertips... :-) Unforgettable!

But still, for me, Håkan, everything hit a completely unexpected all time high the last day. Mariama and me got to see each other the very first time. Dancing.