We are unique in this: We sell clothes in familiar European style, but in colourful textiles from Africa!
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This is African Colors

Many European travellers to Africa have been surprised and amazed by the extraordinary textiles they find.
Such colors! Patterns! Wow! Why don't we have them in Europe?

Here the idea of African Colors was born. We offer clothes in selected African textiles but in European designs!
This is a bit unique since clothes in African textiles almost always are done in African designs. African designs are often very nice, we think, but rather different from what Europeans are used to.

This is our African-European crossover!

We, Mariama from Gambia and Håkan from Sweden, share everything in this adventure with the web shop African Colors. We could not have done it without each other. Mariama knows tailors in Gambia and makes the production possible, Håkan designs the web shop and handles the European/Swedish economy regulations.

We just love these textiles! The power of color and imaginative patterns, for everyday use.
Have fun! :-)

African Colors - European Designs

Friends of Africa

African Art

 We are proud to present genuine African art, in the form of the textiles our clothes are made of!
This type of wax print has been mainly African for hundred years, but started with a couple of people from the Netherlands… Read more about the wax print technique

African Business Opportunities

 In Africa, wages are low. In Europe, prices are high. This is of course a fundamental opportunity for African companies to produce for European markets, particularly for products that are distinctly African… Read more about business opportunities

African-European Cooperations

 Africa and Europe have so different cultures, in food, music, habits, clothing and more.  But the culture differences are now creating new travel streams and centers of attraction. Read more about culture surprises and cooperations

Check our BLOG -- reflections on African-European differences and opportunities! :-)

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